Who We Are

We are digital agents of engagement and take the guesswork out of creative design in the digital era.

Refruit helps inspiring Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) change the way they work beyond the traditional business environment. This is made possible through more responsive designs that allow SMEs to build experiences for a self-service , multi device world. We call that digital transformation.

We are Refruit.

Our name is a simple way to describe our philosophy.  We place value on looking at things with a fresh new perspective. Our logo which symbolizes a Pyrus Pyrifolia or Chinese Pear signifies a new beginning and in our viewpoint – a digital transformation for aspiring businesses.

Founded in 2007 by Eric Lee, he believes in a small team of bright people should drive every bit of his business. Starting his own shop was a fresh start – a different way to approach the creative business and our goal is to achieve the same for our clients.

Today, the Refruit team sits in Myanmar and Singapore. And we have a portfolio of work to prove it.